UK FSA COT Paving the way for a UK Roadmap-Development, Validation and Acceptance of New Approach Methodologies Workshop summary (2021)


Last updated: 14 February 2024

13.             The workshop took place online on the 6th and 7th of October 2021 (Figure 2). It had worldwide participation with attendees from industry, academia, and regulatory agencies. The days were divided into different area sessions: Drivers vs Challenges:  Formulate the Problem Space; The right data/the value of data; Adopters of change: Innovation vs Adoption vs Compatibility; From basic to Applied-Science & Technology: Distil, Review, Validate; Paving the way for the paradigm shift: The UK Roadmap. Each of the sessions had presentations followed by a roundtable discussion and included interactive sessions (Figure 3).

2021 Workshop report Logo

Figure 2. Workshop Logo.


Diagram of overview of workshop.

Figure 3 is a black outlined square with curved corners withing this are black and white pictograms with black text. At the top of the figure is the title " Worldwide participation. Underneath this are 3 shapes with the titles Industry, Academia and Regulatory Agencies. Below this is the heading " Sessions", with each session listed and underlined. At the bottom are 3 pictograms with a heading each. These are: Presentations, Roundtable discussions, Interactive sessions.

Figure 3. Overview of workshop.