Joint Expert Group for Food Contact Materials - FCMJEG

Last updated: 12 February 2021

About Us

The Joint Expert Group for Food Contact Materials assesses and provides advice to the FSA on applications for the authorisation of new food contact materials including the materials, their chemical components, active and intelligent packaging and related recycling processes and on other topics relevant to the assessment of such applications as requested. The group coordinates with and considers the opinions of other relevant bodies concerned with the assessment of food contact materials and provides advice on general principles or new scientific discoveries in connection with food contact materials risks.  


Dr Michael Walker

Michael is currently Head of the Office of the Government Chemist, at LGC where he is responsible for ensuring the scientific resolution of technical appeals in the UK official food and feed control system and the activities of the Food and Consumer Products Testing Unit. He also provides consultancy advice as an expert witness.  He was a board member for the Food Standards Agency between 2000-2004.  

Dr Natalia Falagán 

Dr Falagán was appointed to the Committee in June 2019. She is a Research Fellow in Food Science and Technology at Cranfield University investigating the underlying ripening and senescence mechanisms of fresh produce. She has international experience in food production systems through collaboration with private companies and government funded research. Her work is driven by the need to reduce food waste and improve food security; while maintaining the quality and safety of fresh products across the supply chain. Natalia is a Member of the Royal Society of Biology and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

Dr Sibylle Ermler

Sibylle Ermler (PhD) is a research fellow in human toxicology at the Institute of Environment, Health and Societies at Brunel University London, UK. She is interested in the adverse effects of environmental chemicals and their mixtures with a focus on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). In addition she has experience with combination effects of genotoxic compounds, the impact of chemical mixtures on cancer development and approaches for mixture risk assessment for human and ecological health. Other aspects of her work include the application of systematic review and evidence mapping methodologies for different aspects of endocrine disruption and mixture toxicology. Her current research focuses on EDCs that adversely affect metabolic processes leading to obesity and diabetes, and the development of in vitro assays for metabolic disruption.

Dr Stuart Adams

Stuart is a Senior Applications Chemist working in developing analytical methods for the detection of chemicals of interest in food and environmental samples for the European Applications team in Waters Corporation. He works on a variety of current projects, looking at current analytical challenges to refreshing analytical methodology for use in modern laboratories. This builds on Stuart’s previous experience at Fera where he worked for over 16 years on a variety of projects looking at the detection of chemicals in challenging food and environmental samples using a variety of detection techniques. Whilst at Fera he has represented the UK at several European Union Reference Laboratory meetings for pesticide analysis and is a recognised international expert in his field.

Dr Emma Bradley

Emma studied at the University of Leeds for a BSc in chemistry and a PhD in bio-organic chemistry.  Since 1999 she has worked at Fera (formerly Central Science Laboratory - CSL) in York.  She is an analytical chemist by training and currently leads a team of 100 scientists working on food quality and safety.  She has more than 20 years of experience in the analysis of chemical contaminants in foods and specifically chemical migration from food contact materials and articles.  She is an active participant in the European Union Reference Laboratory – National Reference Laboratory (NRL) network for food contact materials as Fera is the UK NRL in this area.  She is also an author of > 40 peer reviewed scientific publications and book chapters primarily on food contact materials and migration.  Current research interests include the analysis of non-intentionally added substances as well as the safety of biobased food contact materials.

Dr Gill Clare

Gill is currently an independent consultant and has over 30 years of experience in genetic toxicology, working across the university, health and private sectors. She specialises in the identification and characterisation of genotoxic hazards of substances to human health and has experience is performing risk assessment for substances, including those found in food. She is a member of COC, a member of COM until recently and has served on VRC and HSAC (formerly ACHS).

Dr Jenny Odum

Jenny has over 30 years experience as a toxicologist and is currently an independent consultant toxicologist working with private industry and public sector groups.  She has a broad range of expertise within toxicological specialities in both regulatory and research arenas and is an expert in the field of endocrine disruption and reproductive toxicology. She undertakes dossier compilation and risk assessment for chemicals, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals and provides specialist advice on endocrine disruption testing and assessment in the field of human health. She has been a member of a number of OECD expert panels on testing for endocrine disruption and the development of test guidelines. She has authored and co-authored over 70 peer reviewed scientific publications and book chapters. She has also co-authored a number of OECD guidance documents on tests for endocrine disrupters and reproductive toxicology.