Forthcoming COT meetings

Dates of COT meetings including current and future discussion items.

Last updated: 10 May 2022

Scheduled meetings for 2021

  • Tuesday 2nd February
  • Tuesday 23rd March
  • Tuesday 4th May
  • Tuesday 6th July
  • Tuesday 7th September
  • Tuesday 26th October
  • Tuesday 14th December

Current and future COT discussion items

Below are ongoing items, currently being evaluated by the COT or possible topics for further discussion at a future meeting

Discussion Item

Time scale

Follow up on EFSA dioxins opinion

18 + months

PBPK for regulators workshop report

3-4 months

Microplastics sub-statements

6 months

Alternatives to plastic packaging

12 months

Maternal diets

18 + months

Oral nicotine pouches 6 months
Aircraft cabin air  12-18 months


Note: time scales are provisional and subject to change. Additional items may be introduced at short notice, requiring less urgent items to move to a later meeting

If you would like to submit information on any of these items, please contact the Secretariat at:

COT Secretariat
Food Standards Agency
6th Floor, Clive House, 70 Petty France, London. SW1H 9EX