UK FSA COT Paving the way for a UK Roadmap-Development, Validation and Acceptance of New Approach Methodologies Workshop summary (2021)

Organizing Committee - Paving the way for a UK Roadmap

Last updated: 14 February 2024


Dr Olivia Osborne
Ms Claire Potter
Ms Cath Mulholland
Ms Sophy Wells

COT Members

Professor Alan Boobis (COT Chair)
Dr Phil Botham
Ms Jane Case
Dr Stella Cochrane
Dr Caroline Harris
Professor Gary Hutchison
Professor Thorhallur I. Halldórsson
Dr Sarah Judge
Dr Gunter Kuhnle
Dr David Lovell
Professor Shirley Price
Ms Juliet Rix
Dr Michael Routledge
Dr Natalie Thatcher
Dr Simon Wilkinson
Professor Philippe Wilson
Professor Matthew Wright
Professor Maged Younes

COT Secretariat

Ms Cath Mulholland
Mr Michael Dickinson
Dr Alex Cooper
Ms Claire Potter
Dr Barbara Doerr
Dr Douglas Hedley
Dr Olivia Osborne
Dr Joseph Shavila
Ms Emma French
Dr Rhoda Aminu
Ms Sabrina Thomas
Dr Gail Drummond
Ms Chara Tsoulli
Ms Frederique Uy
Ms Cleanncy Hoppie
Ms Jocelyn Frimpong-Manso
Ms Sophy Wells
Dr Gaetana Spedalieri
Mr Thomas Hornsby
Mr Lawrence Finn
Mr David Kovacic

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