Update on the work of other Scientific Advisory Committees- March 2024


Last updated: 02 April 2024

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March 2024

Scientific Advisory Committees (SAC) Summary of recent activities

This document summarises the recent activity of the FSA’s Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs).  We highlight topics discussed at the most recent meeting and agenda items for the next meeting.

Scientific Advisory Committees (SAC) Summary of recent activities

Science Council

Updated: 7th February 2024.

Last open meeting: 8 December 2022.


  • The Chair presented a summary of her activity over the last 6 months.
  • The FSA led a discussion of the FSA Science Update 2022 (FSA 22/12/07) to the FSA Board.
  • The CSA updated the Council on his recent activity and discussions (including Government Office of Science’s review of SACs, changing FSA priorities this year, the Precision Breeding Bill).
  • Updates from Science Council members attending Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs) and a proposed streamlining of members’ engagement.

18 May 2023 – Science Council published the final report of its Working Group 6 " Food Safety in the Net Zero Era”.

Next open meeting: 15th March 2024.

Interim Chair: Professor John O'Brien



Updated: March 2024.

Last meeting: 27th February 2024.

(12th plenary, open session). Minutes and papers are available on the website.  Key discussion items included: how best to maximise academic engagement with FSA research, horizon scanning, and research questions around consumer knowledge and practises related to ultra processed foods.  

Four working groups are currently active, supporting the development of a range of research activity, from the evidence behind the 2024/25 Spending Review business case, to a rapid evidence assessment outlining the available evidence around consumer knowledge, beliefs s and practises around UPFs.

The next open meeting (13th Plenary) of the ACSS will be a hybrid meeting in July 2024.  

Chair: Julie Hill


Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP)

Updated: 9th February 2024.

Last meeting 164th : 7th February 2024.

  • Successful meeting with an overrun of time. Consequently, CBD items 6,7 and 8 were not covered. However, good review of CBD item 5 was carried out which will feed into those that were not.
  •  3 CADs that have previously been discussed were reviewed all requiring further refinement and some further information from the applicant advised. Once responses have been received, these will either be finalised via Chair’s action or brought back at the next meeting.
  •   A draft safety assessment on outcomes developed and agreed by the PGT Subcommittee on 1 GM application was reviewed requiring further refinement.
  • The Committee was updated on planned improvements to the regulated products service and ways of working.


Next meeting: 17th April 2024 (Virtual).

PGT Subcommittee

Updated: 19th March 2024. 

Last PGT meeting: 8th March 2024. 

Highlight: Minutes of PGT12 to be amended; first reviewing of the new full GM application RP1868 and its draft Committee Advice Documents; requests for further information to be sent to applicant. Reviewing of the expertise needed to ensure statistical analysis part of the comparative analysis in GMO assessments is conducted properly; identification of the additional expertise not on PGT membership needed to assess GMOs with altered nutrition. Further discussion on GM applications was held.

Next meeting: (PGT11): 8th March 2024. 

Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes and Committee on Toxicity on CBD and Hemp Derived Products

CBD Subgroup

Updated: 9th February 2024.

 Last CBD meeting: 1st February 2024.

Highlight: The Subgroup held its first in person meeting. Members were asked to approach the analytical data, group B assessment approaches and THC contaminant actions from November and feeding back their opinions during this meeting. Members were provided with a workshop and presentation from the chemical analysis team and COT Secretariat.

The lead secretariats have begun to develop and create a live database for the plotting of relevant CBD NOAELS and the appropriate endpoints, to assess the presence of current data gaps.

Next main meeting: 22nd May 2024 (CBD10 – Topic TBC)

Chair: Dr Camilla Alexander-White

ACNFP WebsiteAdvisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes | Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes

Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food (ACMSF)

Updated: 1st March 2024.

Last meeting: 8th February 2024.

The Committee’s plenary meeting was on the 8th of February 2024.

Matters arising (ACM/1419)

The Secretariat has produced an information paper summarising action taken on points arising from the minutes of previous meetings.

Committee update

  • AMR Working Group
  • PATH-SAFE update (ACM/1420)
  • Edward Haynes from Fera gave a PATH- SAFE update.
  • Kitchen Life 2 (ACM/1421)
  • Helen Heard and Thomas Mills from FSA gave a presentation of the Kitchen Life 2.
  • EFIG update (ACM/1422) Reserved business
  • Review of Campy project (Erica Kintz) Reserved business
  •  IID3 update (Erica Kintz) Reserved business
  • RPS continuous improvements Reserved business

Information papers

 ACM/1423 Items of literature

ACM/1424 Committee update

Next meeting: Wednesday 19th June & Thursday 20th June 2024.

Chair: Professor Bill Keevil

Advisory Committee on Animal Feeding stuffs (ACAF)

Updated: 18th March 2024.

Last meeting: 31st March 2024.

31st January 2024 ACAF Meeting Summary

  • Minutes discussed from the last meeting, any changes that need to be made have been noted. (ACAF/89/01)
  •  Dossier for assessment RP1072 Avatec (chickens) - the application was reviewed, and the applicant will be asked to provide further information.
  • Dossier for assessment RP1070 Avatec (game birds) - the application was reviewed, and the applicant will be asked to provide further information.
  • Dossier for assessment RP1512 B. velezensis - the application was reviewed, and the applicant will be asked to provide further information.
  • Reviewed the RFI responses for RP1275.
  • Draft opinions were evaluated for RP552, RP634, RP746, RP1015, RP1047, RP1087. The members provided feedback on the content and finalised previous opinions.
  • A discussion was held to help steer the contents of the microbiology workshop to be carried out at the April meeting.

Next meeting: 3rd April 2024

Chair: Professor Nicholas Jonsson


Website: Advisory Committee on animal feedingstuffs | Advisory Committee on animal feedingstuffs (

Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT)

Updated: February 2024.
Last meeting: 6th February 2024.

Topics discussed included:

Topics discussed included:

At their February meeting the Committee discussed papers on Benchmark dose modelling in a UK chemical risk assessment framework, they were also provided with an update from the FSA fellow on Advancing in silico methods for chemical risk assessment which covered similar themes.

The Committee undertook their annual horizon scanning, and were updated on actions taken subsequent to the Committee’s advice.

The Committee also continued their work on a Second draft statement on the potential risks from ergot alkaloids in the maternal diet, a third draft statement on the safety of titanium dioxide (E171) as a food additive and a fourth draft interim position statement on bisphenol A.

Next meeting: 26th March 2024.

Chair: Professor Alan Boobis

Committee on Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COC)

Updated: March 2024.
Last meeting: 21st  March 2024. 

  • Updating guidance statements.
  • Output of horizon scanning workshops.
  • Presentation on a revised strategy for the assessment of Chemical carcinogenicity.

Next meeting: July 2024.

Further meetings: November 2024.

Chair: Professor David Harrison

The Committee on Mutagenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COM)

Updated: March 2024.
Last meeting: 29th February 2024.

Topics discussed included

  • Titanium dioxide.
  • QSAR guidance.
  • Lay summaries for COM website.

Next meeting: June 2024.

Further meetings: October, 2024.

Chair: Prof Gareth Jenkins.

Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN)

Updated: March 2024.
Last meeting

Topics discussed included:

  • Meat and dairy analysis.
  • Working group and sub-group analysis including SACN framework update.
  • Nutrition and maternal health (reserved).
  • Joint COT/SACN working Group report on plant-based drinks (reserved)

Next meeting: 19th June 2024.
Further meetings

Chair: Professor Ian Young.