Dr Tarek Abdelghany

Dr. Abdelghany is a Lecturer/Researcher of Pharmacology and Toxicology, having more than ten years of teaching and research experience across different Universities in the UK and Egypt.

Last updated: 05 October 2023

Image of Dr Tarek Abdelghany.

Image of Dr Tarek Abdelghany standing in front of a building with glass doors and steps leading up to the doors. There are light coloured paving slabs in the foreground of the image. Dr Abdelghany is wearing a dark blue suit jacket, light coloured trousers and a blue shirt with a red striped tie. Dr Adelghany wears glasses, has short dark hair and facial hair.


Tarek has been recently appointed as a lecturer of Pharmacology and Physiology at the Institute of Education in Healthcare and Medical Sciences, School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition, the University of Aberdeen.

He also has a visiting lectureship position at both Newcastle University and Cairo University.

He was awarded his PhD in Toxicology from Newcastle University in 2017, his master’s degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology from Cairo University in 2015, and his bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Cairo University in 2011. He graduated from the National Training Academy (NTA), Egypt in 2016.

He published several papers in the field of Toxicology.

He was awarded the UK Higher Education Teaching Fellowship (FHEA) in 2021. He is a member of the Online Pharmacogenomics and Personalised Medicine Postgraduate Program (OPPM) Erasmus+ project (2021 – 2024).

Before Joining the University of Aberdeen, he worked for a couple of years as a Lecturer of Pharmacology at Newcastle University and for five years as a Research/Lecturer Associate at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University.

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The University of Aberdeen


British Toxicology Society,

British Pharmacology Society,

American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics,

Egyptian Pharmacists Syndicate.

Other: Visiting lectureship positions at Newcastle University and Cairo University.