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Dr Emma Bradley


Last updated: 26 October 2021

Emma studied at the University of Leeds for a BSc in chemistry and a PhD in bio-organic chemistry.  Since 1999 she has worked at Fera (formerly Central Science Laboratory - CSL) in York.  She is an analytical chemist by training and currently leads a team of 100 scientists working on food quality and safety.  She has more than 20 years of experience in the analysis of chemical contaminants in foods and specifically chemical migration from food contact materials and articles.  She is actively involved in National Reference Laboratory (NRL) work on food contact materials as Fera is the UK NRL in this area.  She is also an author of > 40 peer reviewed scientific publications and book chapters primarily on food contact materials and migration.  Current research interests include the analysis of non-intentionally added substances as well as the safety of biobased food contact materials.