Discussion paper on the potential risk to human health of turmeric and curcumin supplements - following a recent product survey

Cover page for Annex B to TOX/2022/19

Last updated: 17 March 2022

This is a paper for discussion.

This does not represent the views of the Committee and should not be cited.


1.             Annex B is the full analytical report by Fera Science Ltd 'Annex B _ Turmeric survey report' which contains the new product survey data discussed in this paper. The report presents quantitative data along with methodology developed , validated and employed to determine curcuminoids and piperine in the products. Methodology and data relating to the analysis of trace elements, which covers the heavy metals, are also provided.

2.             The report contains relevant sample information such as product type, brand information, supplier and date of purchase. Full product label information was not presented in this report but was shared with the Secretariat as a series of photos.