COT Meeting: 26th March 2024

Agenda and papers for the meeting of the Committee at 10.00am on Tuesday 26th March 2024.

Last updated: 13 May 2024

Meeting Agenda

1.    Apologies for absence.

2.    Draft minutes and reserved minutes of the 8 th of February meeting TOX/MIN/2024/01.

3.    Matters arising.         

4.   Safety Advice Document on the evaluation of the recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate) decontamination process operated by LINPAC for use in the manufacture of articles in contact with food (Reserved) TOX/2024/10.

5.    Committee Advice on the safety of the Application to modify the conditions of use of E401 (sodium alginate) for use as a surface treatment in entire fruits and vegetables (Reserved) TOX/2024/11.

6.   Joint COT/SACN working group on plant-based drinks - second draft report (Reserved) TOX/2024/12. 

7.    Fifth draft interim position statement on bisphenol A TOX/2024/13.

8.    Fourth draft statement on the safety of Titanium Dioxide (E171) as a Food Additive TOX/2024/14.

9.    FCM JEG position statement on Ocean Bound Plastic (accompanied by Reserved background paper) TOX/2024/15. 

10.    Draft 2023 COT Annual Report - Postponed from February COT. TOX/2024/05.

11.  Update on the work of other FSA Scientific Advisory Committees - for information TOX/2024/16.

12. Any other business.

Matters arising:

  • JEG updates - The potential human health risks of bamboo bio-composites in food contact materials (with reserved report) TOX/2024/09.
  • Publications
  • Workshop

Media discussed during the meeting


Draft Minutes of the 6th February 2024 COT Meeting


2023 Draft Annual Report - for discussion

(Updated March 2024)

2023 Annual Report of the COT Annex A - March 2024

2023 Annual Report of the COT Annex B - March 2024


The Potential Human Health Risks of Bamboo Bio-Composites in Food Contact Materials






Fifth Draft Interim Position Statement on Bisphenol A


This paper will be published in due course. 


Position Paper by the Joint Expert Group on Food Contact Materials (FCMJEG): Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP)


Update on the work of other Scientific Advisory Committees- March 2024

Draft minutes of the meeting:

Draft Minutes of the 26th March 2024 COT Meeting