Discussion paper on the draft assessment of the Codex report on food allergen thresholds


Last updated: 06 July 2023

This is a paper for discussion.

This does not represent the views of the Committee and should not be cited.


1.             Paper TOX/2022/62 was presented to the Committee on the Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT) on 14th December 2022 under matters arising. The paper introduced the need to carry out an assessment of Codex’s report on theRisk assessment of food allergens. Part 2: review and establish threshold levels in foods for the priority allergens’ to inform decisions by the Food Hypersensitivity Policy Team at the Food Standards Agency (FSA) on whether it would be appropriate for the reference doses recommended in the report to be applied to regulated allergens in the UK.

2.             During the 14 December meeting it was agreed that a subgroup should be established to carry out an assessment of the Codex report.

3.             The COT subgroup, comprising a selection of COT members and other external experts, have now met virtually on 4 separate occasions and in addition have held a virtual discussion with the Chair of the Codex Expert Committee.

4.             A draft report produced by the COT subgroup with the assistance of FSA secretariat is presented in Annex A.

Questions for the Committee

5.             The Committee are invited to consider the following questions in relation to Annex A:

        i.         Do Members have any comments on how the assessment has been undertaken by the COT subgroup?

       ii.          Do Members agree with the contents of the draft report and in particular with the key conclusions reached by the COT subgroup?


June 2023


TOX/2022/62. Review of the Codex’s report on food allergen threshold levels.

TOX/2022/62 Review of the codex's report on food allergen threshold levels

WHO, 2023. Ad hoc Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Risk Assessment of Food Allergens Part 2: Review and establish threshold levels in foods of the priority allergens.

Risk assessment of food allergens: part 2: review and establish threshold levels in foods for the priority allergens: meeting report (