Working Group on Risk Assessment of Mixtures of Pesticides (WiGRAMP)

At the request of the Food Standards Agency, the COT established a Working Group for the Risk Assessment of Mixtures of Pesticides/Veterinary Medicines.

This follows the publication of the Annual Report of the Working Party on Pesticide Residues (1999), which highlighted the existence of multiple residues in some commonly consumed foods and in the wake of an Agency telephone consultation of consumer groups, which highlighted concerns of a 'cocktail effect', particularly when potentially contaminated food were to be consumed by children. Furthermore the impact of multiple residues of pesticides with similar toxic actions has been considered in the USA, under the Food Quality Protection Act.

The Working Group, which meets under the Chairmanship of Professor Frank Woods (COT Chairman), will draw on a wide membership to provide scientific, consumer, pesticide surveillance and veterinary views, looking at the interactions between chemicals and pesticides and the implications for risk assessment. The main aims are to assess the potential for multiple residues of pesticides and veterinary medicines in food to produce effects on human health; to consider the potential impact on human health of repeated exposure to such toxins by different routes and to formulate advice on standard risk assessment procedures of individual pesticides and veterinary medicines to the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Further information on the activities of the Working Group can be obtained by contacting
Julie Shroff
Tel: 020 7276 8522

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