COT statements 2006

In 2006, statements have been issued on a wide variety of topics.

These are: a joint COT/CSM one-day meeting on diet-drug interactions; on food additives and developmental neurotoxicity; on hydrogel filler for breast implants; on crop spraying and the health of residents and bystanders; on organic chlorinated and brominated contaminants in shellfish, farmed and wild fish; on uranium levels in water used to reconstitute infant formula; on paralytic shellfish poisoning; on perfluorooctanoic acid; on perfluorooctane sulfonate; on a meeting that discussed the possible role of chemicals in declining male reproductive health in some parts of the world; on the WHO re-evaluation of toxic equivalency factors for dioxins and dioxin-like compounds; on disinfectants and disinfection by-products in prepared salads; on risk assessment of marine biotoxins; and on cyanogenic glycosides in bitter apricot kernels.

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