COT statement on bisphenol A (August 1997)

The COT was asked to advise on the health implications of a study (Nagel SC, vom Saal FS, Thayer RA, Dhar MG, Boechler M and Welshons WV (1997) Environ. Health Perspect., 105:70-76) carried out at the University of Missouri on bisphenol A, a chemical substance used in polycarbonate plastics (eg baby feeding bottles) and coatings for the inside of some food cans.

This study was carried out to investigate the potential oestrogenic activity of bisphenol A.

The Committee's Conclusions are:

... with respect to the studies by Nagelet al., wenote that a mechanism for the potential effect of bisphenol A on the mouse prostate has not been established and its relevance to humans is unknown. At the present, we do not consider that it would be justified to draw any conclusions about the health implications of human exposure to bisphenol A based on these results.