COT Meeting : 8 September 2015

Last updated:
20 August 2015
Agenda and papers for the meeting of the Committee at 10.00am on Tuesday, 8th September 2015 in Conference Rooms 4 & 5, Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London WC2 6NH


1.  Apologies for absence

2.  Draft minutes of June meeting     TOX/MIN/2015/03

3.  Matters arising

4.  EFSA consultation on draft guidance document on uncertainty in scientific assessment. The Committee is invited to respond to the EFSA consultation in order to help EFSA improve its guidance. In addition, the Committee is invited to consider whether it wishes to adopt any of the approaches described in the draft EFSA guidance. TOX/2015/26

5.  Review of risks arising from the infant diet and the development of atopic and autoimmune disease: Systematic review C – part I – Hydrolysed formula and Risk of Allergic or Autoimmune Outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis. The FSA has commissioned Imperial Consultants to conduct a systematic literature review of the published scientific evidence available on infant formulae containing hydrolysed cows’ milk protein and their ability to reduce the risk of infants and young children developing atopic or autoimmune disease.. (Reserved business)  TOX/2015/24

6.  Review of risks arising from the infant diet and the development of atopic and autoimmune disease: Systematic review C Part II – avoidance or exposure to specific dietary patterns, food groups or nutrients during infancy, pregnancy and lactation and the risk of developing atopic or autoimmune disease (intervention studies) The COT has been asked by the Department of Health (DH) to provide advice on the risks arising from the infant diet that are related to the development of atopic and autoimmune disease (Reserved business)  TOX/2015/25

7.  Final report of the Lead Ammunition Group. The Lead Ammunition Group (LAG) is a group of key stakeholders and experts established to advise on the possible effects of spent lead ammunition to human health and to wildlife. COT has been asked to comment on the human health aspects of the final report of the LAG before it is published. Since the LAG report is unpublished this will be considered as reserved business  TOX/2015/27

8.  Further submission for a reformulation of PAVA irritant spray (Reserved business). The Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) has received a further submission for the reformulation of PAVA (nonivamide) as an irritant spray and has asked for it to be referred to the COT for expert advice. TOX/2015/30

9.  Paper for information: Rebuild of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) Recipes Database. The FSA requires information on components of food dishes to ensure that foods consumed as ingredients of other foods are accounted for in dietary exposure assessments.  TOX/2015/28

10.  Paper for information: FSA Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs) update.  TOX/2015/29

11.  Any other business

Date of next meeting – 27 October 2015, Conference Rooms 4&5, Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London WC2 6NH

Final Minutes