COT Lowermoor Sub-group

The COT set up the Lowermoor Subgroup (LSG) in 2001 to advise on whether the chemicals resulting from the 1988 Lowermoor water contamination incident have resulted in delayed or persistent health effects.


The Lowermoor water pollution incident occurred on 6 July 1988 at the South West Water Authority’s (SWWA) water treatment works at Lowermoor, near Camelford, Cornwall. A relief tanker driver discharged 20 tonnes of aluminium sulphate solution into the wrong tank at the unmanned works, subsequently contaminating water supplies to a large area of North Cornwall.

Terms of reference

To advise on whether the exposure to chemicals resulting from the 1988 Lowermoor water pollution incident has caused, or is expected to cause, delayed or persistent harm to human health; and

To advise whether the existing programme of monitoring and research into the human health effects of the incident should be augmented and, if so, to make recommendations.

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