Dr Caroline Harris PhD, CChem, FRSC

Practice Director and Principal Scientist, Exponent International Ltd

Last updated: 21 July 2021


Dr. Caroline Harris is a Principal Scientist and the Co-Director of the Health Sciences Centre for Chemical Regulation and Food Safety.
Dr. Harris worked for 15 years in the UK's Pesticides Safety Directorate with her latter posts being Head of Pesticide Chemistry and Manager of the Human Health Group.
During this time she developed in-depth background knowledge of pesticides, including physical and chemical properties, methods of analysis, metabolism, residues, and consumer risk assessment particularly relating to Directive 91/414.
She was the chair of the physical and chemical properties and residues ECCO working group meetings from 1996 to 2001 and was involved in the drafting of many of the guidance documents relating to these areas of the Directive.
She acted as the UK's senior scientific negotiator to the European Union on Maximum Residue Limits of pesticide residues during 1991-2.

Dr Harris's appointment expires on 31 March 2019.

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